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the benefits of pilates

TONEyour muscles long and lean.
Stretchyour muscles for greater range
and ease of movement.
strengthenyour muscles for greater power,
balance and control.
energize your body and mind with
the joy of movement.

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Owner Biography

Lynne Martens

Lynne on ReformerLynne was certified in the Pilates method of body conditioning in 2000 after 600 hours of practice, teaching, seminar studies  and rigorous testing. She was trained by master teachers Romana Kryzanowska and Bob Liekens at the Pilates Studio, NYC, and has a thorough knowledge of the full Pilates repertoire and the complete system from apparatus to mat. Her teaching has integrated influences from yoga, dance, scientific principles and critical reasoning techniques.


Lynne MartensA former professional dancer, Lynne was a dance teacher for 15 years in NYC before starting her Pilates certification journey in 1999. After certification, she taught Pilates in the New York area for 3 years before moving to Vermont in 2004. Since then, she has been teaching in Burlington and at the University of Vermont and opened her own studio in 2006.