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About Pilates


Pilates is a powerful method of body conditioning and one of the most  popular workout systems in the world.  Wonderful to watch and  incredibly satisfying to perform, the movements have all the power and  precision of a boxing or tennis match and the flow of tai chi or dance. 

          Pilates exercise produces strong, supple bodies and an active,  engaged mind. Every movement has a purpose and the student is  encouraged to understand  it. Understanding produces alert and  coordinated bodies and minds. Pilates sessions, well taught and  mindfully performed, can engender a wonderful “high” –the sign of a  refreshed and elevated spirit. 

About Lynne


Lynne  was certified in the Pilates method of body conditioning in  2000 after 600 hours of practice, teaching, seminar studies  and  rigorous testing. She was trained by master teachers Romana Kryzanowska  and Bob Liekens at the Pilates Studio, NYC, and has a thorough knowledge  of the full Pilates repertoire and the complete system from apparatus  to mat. Her teaching has integrated influences from yoga, dance,  scientific principles and critical reasoning techniques.

A  former professional dancer, Lynne was a dance teacher for 15 years in  NYC before starting her Pilates certification journey in 1999. After  certification, she taught Pilates in the New York area for 3 years  before moving to Vermont in 2004. Since then, she has been teaching in  Burlington and at the University of Vermont and opened her own studio in  2006.    

Private Sessions


Private sessions are the best way to learn Pilates because working  one-on-one with the instructor ensures student’s ability to work through  all systems, thus experiencing the whole method. Absolute Pilates  private sessions are by appointment only and are 55 minutes in length.


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Absolute Pilates

15 Palmer Court, South Burlington, Vermont 05403, United States


Class Schedule

Monday- Booty Barre: 5:30AM

Tuesday- Mat Class: 5:30PM
Wednesday- Mat Class: 4:30PM

Friday- Intermediate Mat Class: 12:30PM

Saturday- Booty Barre: 9:30AM