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About Pilates

Tone. Stretch. Strengthen. Energize.

Pilates is a powerful method of body conditioning and one of the most  popular workout systems in the world.  Wonderful to watch and  incredibly satisfying to perform, the movements have all the power and  precision of a boxing or tennis match and the flow of tai chi or dance. 

Pilates exercise produces strong, supple bodies and an active,  engaged mind. Every movement has a purpose and the student is  encouraged to understand  it. Understanding produces alert and  coordinated bodies and minds. Pilates sessions, well taught and  mindfully performed, can engender a wonderful “high” –the sign of a  refreshed and elevated spirit. 

The method develops a strong core (the “powerhouse” as Joseph  Pilates called it) and a strong and supple spine, trunk and limbs. The  body works in a centered, integrated way,  improving balance and  coordination. The method produces regal posture, an easy gait and a open  range of motion that is a great aide in functional  activities as well  as in  specialized sports. Breath is choreographed with movement  patterns and improves lung capacity and overall stamina.

Joseph Pilates was interested in exercise regimes of all  sorts. In his youth he boxed, performed in a circus, studied eastern  philosophies, developed a calisthenics program, all of which worked  their way into his mat and equipment work that he continued to evolve  when he came to NYC in the 1920's and opened his studio on 8th avenue. 

He quickly developed a clientele; socialites, dancers,  athletes and others flocked to his studio on the strength of his growing  reputation, as well as injured clients seeking rehabilitative  techniques.

On Joseph Pilates death in 1967, his students branched out  through out the country and opened studios of their own. Five of these  original students, the “elders,” are still alive and working today, well  into their  eighties. One of these elders, Romana Kyrzanowska, has been  teaching Pilates for sixty years and has been joined by her daughter  and granddaughter in keeping the original method fresh and vital. Romana  trained and certified Absolute Pilates owner, Lynne Martens, in 2000 at  the Pilates Studio, NYC.

"[Pilates] reawakens thousands of dormant brain cells, thus  activating new areas and stimulating further the functioning of the  mind. No wonder that so many persons express such surprise following  their initial experience with [Pilates] exercises, caused by their  realization of the resulting sensation of “up lift.”

- Joe Pilates